26 de junho de 2019

FDA NEWS: FDA Publishes Complex Innovative Trial Design Presentation Series

From: www.fda.gov

Today, the FDA published a series of presentations to educate and inform stakeholders on Complex Innovative Trial Designs (CID) and the CID Pilot Meeting Program and application process. The CID Pilot program is designed to advance the use of complex adaptive, Bayesian, and other novel clinical trial designs. The program offers sponsors an opportunity for increased interaction with the FDA to discuss their proposed CID.

The CID Pilot Meeting Program presentation videos provide an overview of the pilot program and help stakeholders who are interested in requesting a CID meeting to better understand the FDA’s CID program and meeting request process.

For more information on CID and the Pilot Meeting Program, and to view the CID Pilot Meeting Program presentation series visit: https://www.fda.gov/CIDpilot.