19 de abril de 2019

GERMANY NEWS: BfArM grants first cannabis supplements for medical purposes: Cultivation of 7200 kg of cannabis now underway

From: www.bfarm.de 

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has today awarded supplements in the award procedure for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. Aurora Produktions GmbH won the contract for five lots, Aphria Deutschland GmbH for four lots. Thus, the cultivation of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis in Germany can now be implemented under the provisions of narcotics and pharmaceutical legislation.

The tender includes a total of 10,400 kg of cannabis, spread over four years with 2,600 kg each . It is divided into 13 lots of 200 kg each year . For four out of the total of 13 lots tendered, no award can yet be awarded because one of the unsuccessful bidders has sent a request for review to the Awarding Chamber. When these four surcharges can be granted, is currently not fixed. Thus, surcharges have now been granted for the cultivation and harvesting of a total of 7200 kg for four years. The BfArM expects the first harvest for the 4th quarter of 2020.

BfArM President Prof. dr. Karl Broich: "Today's contract award is an important step in the supply of seriously ill patients with pharmaceutical-grade cannabis grown in Germany. Nevertheless, we regret that once again economic interests of a tenderer mean that we can not fully contribute to the improvement of the supply situation earlier. "

Since, with regard to these four lots, the proceedings are still ongoing, the BfArM can not provide information on the content of the petition for review for reasons of procurement law.

Currently, cannabis is imported to Germany for medical purposes from abroad. The import will continue to be possible in the future. The BfArM has no central control function during import. The situation is different with the planned cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany. The BfArM- based cannabis agency will buy, take possession and sell medicinal cannabis grown in Germany under the international law provisions of the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and sell it to manufacturers of cannabis medicines, wholesalers or pharmacies. The harvest is neither spent in the BfArM nor stored there.